Benya Systems’ discusses its expertise in cyber and information security during caisec 22 as a diamond sponsor

Ahmed Mekky: The field of cybersecurity is one of the most important sectors in which ‘Benya Group’ has prospered.

Cairo 13 June2022: Benya Systems a subsidiary of Benya Group – a pioneer in the field of infrastructure in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East – is participating as a diamond sponsor for the Cyber & Information Security Exhibition and Conference (caisec 22) which will be held on 13 to 14 June under the theme of “Cyber Security in Times of Crisis”.  Seven ministries and various leaders in the information technology sector are invited, along with local and global experts to discuss and review the latest trends on information security, the threats that face these institutions, and cybersecurity solutions.

Benya Group’s participation is a testament to its belief in the importance of these events in raising awareness about cybersecurity and the latest methods used to prevent security breaches. This is in efforts to advance and protect the information technology industry and achieves integration between all sectors of the state to enhance cybersecurity.

Eng. Ahmed Mekky, Chairman and CEO of Benya Group, expressed his delight with Benya Systems participation and sponsorship of caisec 22. This reflects the group’s main vision to raise awareness on the importance of cybersecurity, which in turn helps the economic sector with stability and production growth, especially with the expertise the company possesses in the various projects they lead locally and regionally. Mekky also pointed out that Benya Group’s work associated with the development of technological infrastructure is closely related to the information and cyber security sector. This makes it one of the most eager companies to use the latest and most efficient solutions for data and information protection, while staying up to date with all global cybersecurity developments.

Mekky added that Benya Group’s objective is to focus on the digital transformation process and the increased reliance on technological tools must be protected from any risks they may be exposed to. This urges all parties to put in the needed efforts, measures to protect data and information systems, as well as private and public networks. He also pointed out that these events are essential for introducing training that qualify specialists and provide them with the necessary expertise.

Mekky stressed on the importance of cooperation between all stakeholders, business leaders and investors to support a socio-economic movement to help in consolidating cybersecurity and its mechanisms across various projects and sectors so that Egypt can maintain the progress it has achieved in the field of digital transformation and technology in general.



Mekky also added that the field of cybersecurity is one of the most important sectors in which Benya Group has prospered. The company is considered a major player in the digital transformation scene in Egypt as they collaborate with several governmental institutions to enhance data centers and equip them with the latest cybersecurity solutions. The company has done multiple activities in the banking and insurance sector, like projects with the Central Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr and Banque Du Caire, and further projects in the pipeline with other affiliated banks in Egypt.


It is worth noting that this is caisec’s first edition, in participation with several decision makers from both private, public sectors and experts in cybersecurity to share their experiences on the latest trends in the industry as well as their plans to integrate cyber resilience into risk management strategies. The conference includes sessions on different tracks: Banking & Fintech track, Government track, Critical Infrastructure Protection track and Telecommunications track.



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